•• Specializing in Nondomestic Species Pathology and Quality Assurance ••

About Us

URIKA offers Diagnostic Pathology and Quality Assessment services to help you make precise diagnoses of animal disease.

URIKA Pathology was founded on the highest standards of lab accuracy. With clients both nationally and internationally, the organization has become a recognized leader in pathology, lab result accuracy and veterinary quality assurance.

Unlike other pathology labs, URIKA takes a holistic view of laboratory testing. Our goal is to ensure your office has precise and unerring labs — both from our labs and from your own instruments so that your doctors can make the best diagnoses possible.

To do this, we serve the medical community with pathology reports and a Quality Assurance program. Both are facilitated by a board certified pathology team. In other words, every single one of our client’s projects is handled by a doctor.

The URIKA team has handled some of the most complicated pathological testing in the world. We’ve done work for government programs. We’ve studied disease in wildlife. We’ve been on internationally published research teams. And, we’re increasing in-clinic lab result accuracy of by 50% and more.

We work one-on-one with our veterinarian partners to make sure that, internally, their test results are just as accurate as ours. See our Quality Assurance and Instrument Testing Services to learn more.

Ultimately, URIKA’s goal is to help veterinary professionals precisely diagnose animal disease. Like you, we have a passion for animal health and we offer tools to help your clinic improve the health of your animal clients.