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Instrument Proficiency Testing

Ensure your clinic’s labs are precise with URIKA’S remote, instrument proficiency testing.

We want your in-clinic tests to be just as accurate as our lab results. URIKA is one of the nation’s only pathology labs that offers off-site instrument proficiency testing as a component of the URIKA Quality Assurance Certification program.

What is instrument proficiency testing? Simply put, URIKA will externally test your in-clinic lab instruments to make sure they are performing and reporting properly — with accuracy standards that meet ASVCP guidelines.

If our medical team finds that results produced when running assayed controls specific to your instrument are outside of ASVCP recommended total allowable error guidelines, we’ll provide documentation necessary to have the manufacturer repair or replace it.

You can test one or a few of your clinic’s instrument, or you can enroll in the UQA Program and have your clinic certified for quality assurance. See our FAQ for frequently asked questions about instrument proficiency testing.

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