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URIKA Quality Assurance Certification

Test your clinic’s instruments for proficiency and have your office QA certified.

The URIKA Quality Assurance (UQA) program certifies that veterinary clinics and diagnostic laboratories maintain a high standard of quality by participating in an external quality assurance and proficiency testing program. Simply put, we test your lab instruments and equipment to make sure the results you’re getting are accurate.

The UQA program follows all ASVCP and AAHA national guidelines. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to dramatically improve your diagnoses.

What will you find with the URIKA Quality Assurance Program?

  • Enjoy a fast, inexpensive way to make sure your in-house lab analyses are accurate.
  • Troubleshoot unrecognized instrument defects that are causing misdiagnosis.
  • Produce better value for clients, with fewer tests and concise results.
  • Surpass the competition with better efficiency and diagnostic precision that clients will notice.
  • Display a certification that tells your clients and AAHA inspectors that your lab instruments and diagnoses are accurate.

Why is it important to get your clinic certified?
It’s a simple fact: Instruments that are not checked for proficiency can produce random, “out of a hat” numbers that can lead to misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, these reporting errors are undetectable without instrument testing.

Like taking your car for a tune-up or running a diagnostic and defragmentation on your computer, proficiency testing falls under standard maintenance for veterinary labs.

External quality assurance programs like URIKA’s are designed to find instrument errors and ensure your lab results are accurate. Our certification program follows national standards, as required by both the AAHA and the ASVCP.

To date, almost every client that has enrolled in the UQA program has found defects in their instruments. If you don’t proficiency test your instruments and ensure accuracy on a regular basis, your team’s ability to diagnose is compromised.

Register Your Clinic for the UQA program and certification
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