•• Specializing in Nondomestic Species Pathology and Quality Assurance ••

Our Services

As a veterinarian, your diagnoses need to be accurate. URIKA offers all the tools you need.

URIKA helps your veterinary office accurately diagnosis disease in animals. Our services include lab test analysis, clinical and anatomical pathology, instrument testing, quality assurance certification and wildlife assessment.

URIKA was built on a whole approach to accuracy. Unlike our competitors, every one of our client projects is handled by a board certified pathologist. We work directly with your team to make sure that all your lab tests are accurate. This includes the labs that are sent to us… and the lab work you’re doing in house.

Our service menu includes the following:

Lab Test Submission – Diagnostic testing with an easy online system.

Instrument Proficiency Testing – Simple proficiency testing to ensure your in-house instruments are reading accurately.

Quality Assurance Certification – A certification program that involves instrument testing specifically tailored to your clinic’s needs. URIKA’s QA program can improve your lab’s accuracy by 50% or more. It’s inexpensive, easy to facilitate, and it can impact your entire practice.

Special Species Diagnostics & Research Pathology – Expert diagnoses of problems in rare species. Research studies, pathological analysis and on-site testing are just a few of the services we offer.