•• Specializing in Nondomestic Species Pathology and Quality Assurance ••

Special Species Diagnostics & Research Pathology

URIKA specializes in non-domestic species disease and wildlife study design.

URIKA is among the nation’s top private veterinary pathology laboratories, offering clinical diagnostic specimen analysis and pathology. Our Washington location is the central facility that evaluates “mail-in” tests for both our own veterinarian clients and for other diagnostic labs that need specialized reports. Submit diagnostic testing through our Client Center now.

URIKA specializes in the research, study and diagnoses of a range of wildlife species. Our specialties include avian, reptilian and fish hematology as well as reference interval biomedical statistics. We also have a special expertise in species with nucleated RBC and are considered a leader in bone marrow diagnostics.

To date, the URIKA team has handled research projects for The Department of Interior, Louisiana State’s Deep Water Horizon Project, Alaska Fish and Game — and many others. The team has also worked on study designs for the Martin Project and the Deep Water Horizon Project.

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