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  • “Dr. Kendal Harr served as the group's avian pathologist. Over the 3 years that I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Harr, I was very impressed with the expertise she brought to the project and her attention to detail. When it was time to write reports and manuscipts, Dr. Harr was invaluable.”

    • Professor, Michigan State University

  • “She was able to translate important technical data into easily understandable language for lay people. I can recommend her unreservedly to anyone needing technical assistance.”.

    • Chris Shank
    • Shank and Hamilton, PC

  • “Dr. Harr was instrumental in coming in on site visits and implementing QA and QC protocols, immediately addressing an issue of written SOPs, training staff (on hematology in particular) and continues to serve as a quality assurance advisor to us. She has been invaluable in building QA QC protocols and really helping develop TechPet.”.

    • Mr. Daniel Eisenstadt
    • Community Veterinary Partners

  • “While I didn’t really think that we were having any problems with our equipment, I decided to participate in URIKA’s Quality Assessment Program. There is no doubt the exercise was worth it. We improved our lab results when we didn’t even know we had a problem”.

    • Dr. Scott Newman
    • Georgetown Animal Hospital